Wednesday, May 20, 2009

go go go

Just got home on Monday from school. I moved into the apartment for next year, and stayed for graduation. I was so proud of all my girls. Literally, I was beaming. Next year that will be me up there, which is pretty exciting. I stayed and hung out with a friend Sunday night, and it wasn't until coming home on Monday that it hit me that it's over. The past three months have been so fast, filled with one thing to do after another. I haven't been able to sit and think for so long, and now that I have the chance, it's a little weird. You just realize how fast it goes.

And now I am home for a week. This weekend I'm moving down to DC with my bro. We haven't lived together in a few this is going to be a riot. I start the internship at NIH on Tuesday. I'm going big girl clothes shopping Friday with mom. It's gonna be weird getting dressed up professionally each day, when i'm used to T's and jeans...but I guess we all gotta grow up sometime.

Until then, I'm going to enjoy what time I have. Off to nap outside...maybe even play some guitar.

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