Sunday, July 26, 2009

raindrops fallin on my head.

last weekend i met up with my friend brittny who had been studying abroad for the year. She's living in alexandria, so we met up near georgetown. Yesterday, I was headed down to the Smithsonian to meet a friend, and who do I run into in the metro? Brittny. THEN tonight, my bro and I were out to dinner in bethesda, and i run into her again! Goes to show...small world outside of C-town.

Went for a jog last night. Literally, 2 minutes in and it starts pouring. It was amazing. I ran for a solid 45 minutes until the storm ended. By the time I got home, I was sopping. Today I hopped on the C and O canal toe path and headed up to Great Falls. It was beautiful! Took a little longer than I expected though...

Tomorrow it's back to work!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Been a while...

So it's been a while since I last bad. This summer has gone so quick- Work at NIH is the usual, living with the boys has been solid, and being 21- even better. Although, I've managed to "misplace" my license for the second time now...

Anyway, since i last wrote- I went out to Denver to see one of my best friends. First day out there, we hit altitude head on. I climbed a mountain. It was amazing, beautiful, and exhausting. I was a bit arrogant to think that because i run everyday, my lungs would somehow be pro at handling thin air. Wrong! Every 10 steps I was out of breath, which made getting to the top even better (minus the headache). That night we went to Redrocks, and saw Carbonleaf in concert. They were amazing, and it was great because the first song was about VA, where they are from and where my bro went to school...I felt right at home.

Some line dancing, late night diners, and many laughs later I came back home to celebrate the fourth of July, DC style. We went over to my friend who lives in Georgetown. Her balcony had an amazing view of the monument and the mall- it was awesome. Afterwards we hit some parties and went out for a while, good times all around.

3 more weeks left of my internship, and then it's back to WAC. I'm pumped for this year, it's gonna be a blast!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Summer time, and the livin's easy. I love it. I'm all moved in with the boys, I finally got off of my bro's floor and into my own room. I even christened the walls with some art, oh baby. Last night I cooked dinner for all the boys, it was good times.

Work's going well, thank God the other intern is could've been a looong summer. The National Institutes of Health is crazy! It's bigger than most universities I think...good thing they have shuttles.

This week I found out I have "tight wrists" as I got fingerprinted for my badge. I told the lady guitar and tennis were responsible for that. Got my coffee, and set off to do my thing. Lots of good looking med students floating's to hoping that will be me in a bit!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

go go go

Just got home on Monday from school. I moved into the apartment for next year, and stayed for graduation. I was so proud of all my girls. Literally, I was beaming. Next year that will be me up there, which is pretty exciting. I stayed and hung out with a friend Sunday night, and it wasn't until coming home on Monday that it hit me that it's over. The past three months have been so fast, filled with one thing to do after another. I haven't been able to sit and think for so long, and now that I have the chance, it's a little weird. You just realize how fast it goes.

And now I am home for a week. This weekend I'm moving down to DC with my bro. We haven't lived together in a few this is going to be a riot. I start the internship at NIH on Tuesday. I'm going big girl clothes shopping Friday with mom. It's gonna be weird getting dressed up professionally each day, when i'm used to T's and jeans...but I guess we all gotta grow up sometime.

Until then, I'm going to enjoy what time I have. Off to nap outside...maybe even play some guitar.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The End of a Year Begins the Start of Something New...

Unbelievable, school is out...the grades are in, and it's all good. I'm still here at WAC for peer mentor training. I caught a virus or something so I haven't been right on par, but that's alright. Win some, ya lose some.

Tomorrow is the last day of training. It's been cool getting to know new people. I will admit I am going to miss the hell out of the senior class. This year has been an amazing one, and I attribute a lot of that to the amazing friendships that I have gained and strengthened. But with each new year, comes new folks, so I'm excited to see what's in store for August.

Until then, I'll be living with my bro in DC for the summer. I got an internship through a heads up from one of my psych. professors, applied and got it. Being 21, with good friends in a great city should be great times. It's definitely gonna be different going from my usual summers of teaching tennis and camp counseling to a real 8-5 at the NIH- but hey I guess it's time to grow up sometime...